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Once upon a time in Spokane, Wa. a young lady spent some time in Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. She received one of our bright pillowcases, which moved her brother, Jake St. Marie to pay it forward. He is a member of the Hayden, Idaho chapter of the Skitswish Society, Children of the American Revolution. Jake launched a project that resulted in a gift to our chapter of Ryan’s Case for Smiles. He presented us with 100 beautifully sewn pillowcases, 100 yards of fabric and a check for $141! Jake you are the kind of young man who will carry sunshine into our world and we offer you our deepest respect and thanks! L to R: Lorri Williams, Sr. President, Joyce Beach, Ryan’s Case for Smiles, Chase Sturgis, Vice President, Eli Sturgis, Librarian, and Jake St. Marie, President.





Did they do it again? Oh my, yes they did! Have you noticed that you see the Kohls Angels frequently on our site? That’s because they are faithful helpers for Ryan’s case for Smiles. They are experts at pressing and packaging our pillowcases so they are ready to simply put together when we have a sewing event! We even had a visiting boss from Boise who helped and a few who came in on their day off. Not to mention the funding grant that these ladies earn for us. No words to thank all of you, couldn’t do it without you!






Oh my, it is nearly impossible to express our thanks to these lovely ladies from Kohl’s! We had an event on June 20, and seven faithful Kohl’s Angels arrived with smiles and willing hands and hearts. They blew through yard after yard of fabric, pressing, folding and getting kits ready for us to sew at Sacred Heart Childrlen’s Hospital. They also earned $1000 for Ryan’s Case for Smiles here in Spokane, so we can continue to provide smiles for children. We couldn’t do it without you, girls. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!













The wonderful ladies of the “Me Too Quilt Squad” in Newport, WA have done it again. These girls were buzzing like a happy bee hive in March when they had a fun day with Joyce, lots of laughter, good food and smiles of their own. They sewed 325 Pillowcase Smiles, to be distributed to critically ill children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, Shriner’s and Ronald McDonald House. Believe me ladies, these little ones and their families appreciate what you do more than you can know. Thanks again girls!!



Wow! So honored to have been honored by Kxly4 and STCU for our volunteer work and accept a donation of $1,000 to assist with our chapter pillowcase making efforts.  Click here to watch the news clip!

     Spokane Teachers Credit Union and KXLY-TV have started a new program called VOLUNTEERS COUNT.  The Spokane chapter of Case for Smiles was chosen as the recipient of their first award and we were left speechless when they presented us with a check for $1000!  We can buy a lot of smiles with this gift. A huge thank you to both STCU and KXLY-TV!




We cannot thank Ed from the Viking Sewing Center and Vac in Spokane Valley enough! He has attended several of our Miles of Pillowcase Smiles and is available for checking on the machines and keeping them running, all on his own time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ed!

Excellent job folks! These ladies and gent helped bring our total for the month of Sept. to 732 pillowcases! Now that is dedication!


March 2, 2017 Another Wonderful Kohl’s Event!