Deb Wippel

Evelyn Melchiorre




  • Golisano Chidren’s Hospital of Southwest Florida
  • Hope Hospice for Children
  • Naples Community Hospital
  • Boggy Creek Camp


  • Kay’s Quilt Shop
  • PJ’s Quilt and Longarm Studio
  • Flash Sew and Quilt
  • Charlotte Sewing Studio
  • The White Daisy Quilt Shop



Welcome to our Chapter. We hope you will join us in helping children feel better to heal better.  

There is a web site which is a resource for teens whose sibling has a life-changing illness or injury.  It is     It is an interactive, digital experience.   Another helpful site is            

 There were several recent successful pillowcase sewing events on for us.  They were at the     Turtle Crossing Cut Ups,  Flash Sew and Quilt, and friends at the Corkscrew Shores Community, and friends at the Copperleaf Golf Club community.


We accept standard size pillowcases made with 100% cotton fabric that is very colorful and whimsical. The kids keep any and all pillowcases they are given.  They like pillowcases with sports, action figures, cars, holiday themed, etc.  Our hospitals accept flannel pillowcases as well.  We have volunteers that will wash and pack the pillowcases individually for the kids.  (We require fragrance and dye free detergent.)

The Fort Myers Chapter covers all five counties in SW Florida:  Charlotte, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Collier.  Please contact us to learn more about how to get involved.

      We are always in need of donations.  They may be home made, colorful pillowcases, financial donations (donate via our web page or by check made out to  Ryan’s Case for Smiles.  Please place Fort Myers Chapter in the memo line).  Other donations could be colorful, whimsical fabric that another volunteer will sew, quart sized resealable bags,  or fragrance and dye free detergent.  Donations may be dropped off at any of our drop off sites.   THANK YOU!!!

Our chapter has donated  36,390 pillowcases.  That is equals 17.2 miles!     It takes 2112 pillowcases, laid end to end to equal one mile.

       Since Ryan’s Case for Smiles was organized in 2007, we have delivered well over  2,700,00  pillowcases worldwide.


Some time ago someone asked us why the little boy in the logo is wearing red socks.  Actually they are red sneakers just like Ryan always liked to wear.