Take Action For #CHILDHOODCANCER Awareness Month

Please support Ryan’s Case for Smiles so we can continue to bring smiles to children’s faces when they get a bright and colorful pillowcase to put in their room. Our goal is to spread awareness to enable children and their families to cope with their illness today while building resilience to thrive in the future.  Please join us in supporting #CHILDHOODCANCER awareness month.



  • $5 two spools of thread which helps to sew together 20 pillowcases
  • $10 provides one pillowcase to a child in treatment as well as research-based resources to help parents build resilience for themselves, their child, and his or her siblings.
  • $20 provides two pillowcases to children in treatment
  • $50 Funds a Coping Box for siblings, helping to teach them positive coping skills.
  • $100 Provides pillowcases for 10 admissions for a child in treatment, as well as research-based resources to help their parent build resilience for themselves, their child, and his or her siblings.
  • $200 Funds a sewing day in a hospital or clinic, giving the children a distraction from their treatment.
  • Other- all donations are meaningful!

ABOUT US Ryan’s Case for Smiles was started twelve years ago by Cindy Kerr when her son Ryan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) at the age of 12. While Ryan is no longer with us, his inspiration has led our growth to include 120 chapters serving over 75,000 children each year at more than 363 hospitals worldwide, having delivered over 2 million pillowcases to date. Our work has expanded from donated pillowcases to multiple programs designed to help children and families navigate one of life’s most difficult experiences. Recognizing that the negative effects of health-related stress continue long after treatment, Ryan’s Case for Smiles developed CopingSpace.org which offers tools and resources in a web-based format for caregivers, siblings, schools, and the community of a sick or injured child. These resources for the child’s caregiver provide evidence-based information that will help them cope with diagnosis, treatment and recovery while building resilience along the way.