We never think it will happen to our child. But when your child has a life changing illness or injury, most people experience significant stress, sadness or loneliness. This hospital experience can be terrifying for both your child and you. So terrifying that 20% of children and 30% of moms experience the full clinical diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The good news is that research shows trauma can be minimized and outcomes can be improved through experiences that reduce stress.

We understand this time is difficult so we collected a variety of resources to assist you in dealing with the stresses of this experience for your child, your family and you. In addition to our whimsical pillowcases, we have partnered with leading pediatric stress researchers to provide information, activities and tools to help you make sense of your many different emotions, feelings and reactions. We hope these resources will provide helpful tips for taking care of yourself and your child, both in the hospital and after you return home. Please be sure to ask your care team what resources your hospital and community have to support you.

“When Ryan was diagnosed with cancer my world turned upside down. I constantly worried about Ryan, my girls at home and whether my husband and I would get through this. While the hospital staff was helpful, I was so focused on taking care of my family that I didn’t take care of myself. As a result, I still experience some of the symptoms of PTSD many years later.

Having spoken with hundreds of families whose children are facing life changing illnesses and injuries, I know they also struggle with overwhelming stress and worry. I hope these resources will be a starting point for you to care for your family’s well-being and, most of all, your own.”

~ Cindy Kerr

And remember, taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally will give you the strength to help your child feel better to heal better.